Whether you’re baby boomers or millennials, few people know Cindy Crawford. Crawford, who is considered one of the most recognizable icons of existing supermodels, is 55 years old this year. However, she is envious of her in her 50s, for her firm skin and long-lasting beauty.

Crawford has one son and one daughter who works as models, including a 19-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber and a 21-year-old son Presley Gerber, but seeing the three together looks like a brother and sister. Are we born with a special gene that makes us age exceptionally and gracefully? Crawford says “No.” According to ‘Women’s Health.com’, she knows her own skin well and has devoted herself to skin care with the knowledge and passion that is as good as an expert.

“I learned that [skin care] is like exercising,” Crawford said. It doesn’t make any difference if you do it once. However, if you exercise regularly for several years, you will see changes. The same goes for skin care.” Saying that it’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin, he introduced 8 personal skin care tips to share with women around the world.

1. Skin care starts from inside the body

To have good skin, you need to stick to the basics. Crawford recommends eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water. Another thing, you have to move your body. He enjoys exercising, hiking and biking.

2. Skincare is an investment

He says anything you apply directly to your skin is worth the investment. That’s why I don’t spare money on skin care and foundation.

3. Don’t pluck your eyebrows

There are people who pull out all at once for the reason of trimming their eyebrows. From a young age, Crawford had kept his eyebrows minimal, and he taught his daughter that excessive plucking would lead to regrets in old age.

4. Apply serum every morning

Protecting the skin during the day and restoring the skin at night is the key. After showering, don’t forget to apply the serum when your skin is moist. It is not always good to use a lot of cosmetics. Crawford uses only 3-5 products each morning and evening.

5. Use a retinol product at night

As we age, cellular circulation becomes more important. After removing makeup, apply a night cream containing retinol that helps cells regenerate.

6. Do not skip sunscreen

Crawford hasn’t skipped sunscreen since the age of 19.

7. Care for hair as well as skin

Aging can also be seen in the hair. Care is taken to keep hair as clean and moist as skin.

8. Stay humble

“I also don’t wake up in the morning looking like (you think) Cindy Crawford!” This is Crawford’s favorite joke. The supermodel image people see in magazines is just a moment when everything was perfect: wind and light, hair and makeup. It is the result of a huge investment of time and effort by experts. There is no need to accept your age and be bound by the obsession to always look young.

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