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From The Top To The Boss… 10 Foods That Are Good For Gut Health

Many people think they will be healthy if they exercise and have a clean eating diet that mainly eats organic foods and avoids foods high in salt or sugar or processed foods . And forget about gut health .

But now you need to know about the various bacteria that live in the digestive system . This is because whether or not your health improves has something to do with the problem of good versus bad bacteria inside your body.

It is important to choose foods rich in prebiotics , which are substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body by stimulating the growth of good bacteria , or probiotics, which are live bacteria that enter the body and have a good effect on health.

These foods prevent various diseases by improving the immune system and digestive system . In this regard, let’s take a look at 10 foods that we commonly encounter among the foods that keep the gut healthy as introduced by ‘’ and ‘’ .

1. Beef bone broth

Beef bone broth , which is slowly boiled by putting bones and bone marrow in water for one to three days, contains various minerals , vitamins, and amino acids that are good for intestinal health . In particular , if there is a symptom of leakage of the intestine , bone broth helps to heal it and to absorb nutrients well.

2. Kimchi

Kimchi , the representative food of Korea, is now in the spotlight around the world. Kimchi made by fermenting Chinese cabbage is an excellent probiotic food . Kimchi helps digestion by enhancing the activity of good microorganisms in the intestine .

3. Onion

It is good to eat onions to further promote the good bacteria that live in the intestine, that is, the good bacteria Onions are rich in prebiotics , which have a good effect on balancing the digestive system .

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in probiotics , which enhance the production and activity of good bacteria in the gut. Because of this, it is also very helpful for digestion . However, products containing a lot of sugar should be avoided, and people with lactase deficiency should be careful about their intake.

5. Garlic

The prebiotics in garlic promote the growth of good bacteria that inhibit bad bacteria. After grinding or cutting garlic, wait for about 15 minutes and eat it, which is good for forming allicin .

Allicin , a substance that emits garlic’s unique odor, is characterized by strong sterilization and antibacterial action, and has an action to further enhance its medicinal effect by binding to carbohydrates and proteins . In addition, allicin expands blood vessels, improves blood circulation , and promotes digestion .

It also helps in the secretion of insulin and is effective in diabetes . Recently, it has been found to be effective in preventing cancer . However, when garlic is cooked, the smell disappears and allicin is also destroyed, so the above effect cannot be expected.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is a good food for people with intestinal problems . Broccoli contains a metabolite known as glucosinolates . This ingredient aids in the digestive process by grinding food without causing inflammation .

7. Blueberries

If you have trouble digesting food comfortably, blueberries are a good option. Blueberries contain compounds that can modify the gut microbiome in the stomach and intestines .

Blueberries contain antioxidants that can help with digestion as well as improve the immune system . Because of this, it has the effect of avoiding infection and reducing inflammation .

8. Banana

Bananas , which are eaten by everyone with their sweet and soft texture, have the effect of helping the digestive process by enhancing the activity of intestinal microbes . Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium , which reduce inflammation in the body.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

People with digestive problems tend to avoid acidic foods. However , natural fermented apple cider vinegar that has not been pasteurized has a good effect on acidity balance and intestinal health .

Apple cider vinegar helps the body produce hydrochloric acid , which makes it more efficient to digest macronutrients. It also helps in digesting carbohydrates , proteins, and fats .

10. Beans

Beans are rich in fiber , which allows food to move slowly through the digestive system. Here, it enhances the activity of healthy bacteria to improve the immune system function . Beans are rich in protein , which is good for the health of people who eat a vegetarian diet.

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