What does healing mean?

The word “healing”, which has spread like a fashion at some point and has become a trend, refers to the healing of the body and mind. In particular, in the case of current Koreans who are mentally and physically exhausted from fatigue, stress, and mental wounds, it can be said that true healing is to give rest to the body and mind and to restore the complete state of mind and body.

Monk Jeong Mok, who appeared on SBS ‘Healing Camp’ in the past, said that ‘healing’ is purifying yourself, not because of others, and introduced his own healing method. So, how can he find a healing method that is right for him?

My own healthy healing method for healing body and mind

There can be several approaches to healing. Therefore, it is said that in order to know which method is suitable for you, it is important to first examine your body and mind and accept the present self. For example, a person who has been hurt in a relationship will need to be healed in the relationship. Also, physical therapy may be suitable for some people. These people will need exercise, stretching, yoga, and proper nutrition.

In this way, to find the healing method you need, let’s learn about the health healing methods that you can easily do in your life.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a classic of healing and among the many ways to heal the mind of modern people. Set aside 1 to 2 to 30 minutes a day to meditate to empty your mind with comfortable breathing, so you can get help in maintaining the balance of your body and mind.

2. Healthy eating and healing food

The right way to eat can be said to be the first step to healing. It is recommended to eat a nutrient-rich meal at a regular time and to eat the news. It is recommended to fast after 8 pm and drink plenty of water frequently, but avoid before and after meals. For a healthy meal, it is recommended to reduce the intake of sugar and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of dietary fiber and that boost immunity. And often, healing food means food that can be consumed by configuring it according to the individual body so that it can help in the treatment and prevention of diseases. However, healing food is not a special food, but if we use commonly available foods and easily available ingredients properly, the effect of ‘healing’ can be achieved. For example, it is said that eating a lot of red beans and radishes is effective for people who have a heavy head all day and a stiff neck due to their usual headaches. Red bean has a diuretic effect and helps blood circulation, cools the body that bites metabolism, and lowers the heat of the head.

3. Healing exercise

It is said that exercise using the body is very helpful as a healing method to relieve the stress of modern people and restore the balance of the body and mind. It is recommended to exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day, at least 3-5 times a week.

Running is highly recommended as an exercise healing method. Running is a representative aerobic exercise that promotes blood circulation to each organ in the body, prevents obesity and prevents adult diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as having a positive effect on the body and has excellent mental healing effects. This is because running gives you extreme exhilaration beyond pain. Therefore, running is said to be a healing exercise with great effects that is academically used as one of the treatment methods to treat depression.

However, in winter, it is better to practice light stretching that can be done indoors or walking using a treadmill according to your physical strength rather than outdoor activities that put a lot of strain on your body.

4. Sleep Healing

As the old saying goes, a good night’s sleep can help you recover from fatigue and make your day more enjoyable and healthy. The proper amount of sleep for Koreans is 7-8 hours. If you sleep too much, you may feel stiff throughout the day, and if you do not get enough sleep, you may feel tired throughout the day. In this regard, there was a recent announcement by a research team at Seoul National University that the death rate increases if you exceed or decrease the appropriate amount of sleep. As a way to get a good night’s sleep for health, it is recommended to block the light at bedtime so that you can sleep comfortably. It is said that half-bath or aromatherapy before going to bed will help you sleep because you feel psychologically stable.

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