“One One Dollar Ash@wo”- Maria Shades Angel – See Her Reply

“One One Dollar Ash@wo”- Maria Shades Angel – See Her Reply

Reality TV star, Maria Benjamin has shaded someone on her social media platforms, and Netizens think she’s referring to Angel Smith.


In yesterday’s episode of big brother naija reunion, Maria threatened to reveal what Angel allegedly did in Dubai.


You slept with almost everyone I know- Maria thre@tens to reveal what Angel did in Dubai


Angel called Maria a slut and how she is dating a married man. Maria fired back, that Angel is worse than her because she has slept with so many people she knows, kissed all the male housemates, then threatened to reveal what happened in Dubai. Recall that the housemates went on an all Expense paid trip to Dubai courtesy of Pepsi.


In reaction to this, Angel said everyone is aware she is a slut so that’s not a big deal.


Watch the VIDEO below:


Few hours after that episode was aired, Maria rushed to her Twitter account to shade someone, calling the person a cheap prostitute.


Maria tweeted:


“One One Dollar Ho”


See screenshot below:


"One One Dollar Ash@wo"- Maria Shades Someone


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