Famous Female kings That Has Ruled Great Kingdoms in Nigeria(PHOTOS)

Famous Female kings That Has Ruled Great Kingdoms in Nigeria(PHOTOS)

Regents can stay as kings. Though in some tradition, they only Last for only 6 months before a new king is selected. When regents are reigning, they won’t be get pregnant or married until a new king emerges. Another important(PHOT rule is that, they will have to dress as a Man until another king emerges. Here are some female kings that has reigned in Nigeria.

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1. HRM Moyinoluwa Olubunmi Falowo

A regent at Ifedore Local Government, Ibule, Ondo State, She studied microbiolagy and graduated from OSUSTECH (Ondo State University of Science and Technology). HRm Falowo took over after her Father died in April 2019, she still reigns, until a new king is selected by the kingmakers.



2. Taiwo Oyebola Abona HRM (2017)

She studied Medical Laboratory Science in the amiable Achievers University. Following her father’s immediate death, on the 4th of May 2017. She assumed the throne because she is the first and only daughter of the late King. She is currently the king until the kingmakers picks a new king through the lead of the God’s.


3. King Tinuade Babalola Adejuiegbe (2015)

Pondo state inhabits yet another reagent king. Her father kicked the bucket when she was 22 years old and has remained king. She graduated from Adekunle University in Ondo state. She is king since February 23, 2015.

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4. HRM Adekemi Omorinbola

HRM Adekemi Omorinbola
HRM Adekemi Omorinbola

Grace found Adekemi, she is the last born of six daughters but she was chosen by the God’s. She assumed the throne on January 9 2010. Adekemi is a graduate of Ekiti date university. She is currently the Asin Iwara-Oka of Akoko. In Ondo state.


5. Princess Damilola Falegan ( 2020 )

Princess Damilola Falegan
Princess Damilola Falegan

The land of Irese has been under the watch of Reagent Falegan. She has remained king. She is currently twenty years old.


6. Tejumade Falade Adeboye

Tejumade Falade Adeboye
Tejumade Falade Adeboye

Falade has ruled the kingdom of Odopetu is Akure. She took over her father’s position after her marriage.

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