Why I Enhanced My Body and What I Say to Those Who Judge It – Mercy Eke Reveals(POST TO READ)

Why I Enhanced My Body and What I Say to Those Who Judge It – Mercy Eke Reveals(POST TO READ)

Mercy Eke is a contestant and winner of the fourth season of the Big Brother Naija show. The media personality, actress, and video vixen won the grand prize and also the hearts of millions of adoring fans. Mercy was celebrated and loved for being real on the show. Even now, a lot of her fans who love her say that they love her because of her realness. One thing Mercy has been very real and open about is the body enhancements that she has done on her body. She has had work done to her butt and other parts of her body.

In a new interview with podcaster Taymesan for his podcast Tea With Tay, Mercy opened up about the cosmetic procedure and got honest about her decisions to go under the knife as well as her thoughts on people who judge her for it. Here’s what she said.

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Mercy Eke on Tea With Tay

Speaking in response to Taymesan asking her why she is so open about talking about her cosmetic enhancements, Mercy said:

I did it for myself. I did it to enhance my confidence. I knew I wanted to look good in what I wear. I’m into fashion and getting it right, I have to have a certain kind of body for myself. I feel like those ones that are hiding (that they’ve enhanced their body) don’t have confidence, maybe they’re doing it for someone else but I did it for myself. I did it to sell my business. Like right now I model my M & M Luxury, I model my fashion brand. So when I pay other influencers, it doesn’t bring anything except when I wear it. When I wear anything, people get to buying. So I did it for myself, I did it for my business, I did it to look good cuz I know I look fire. So I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of in enhancing your body. People are bleaching, we no dey talk about am. It’s all the same thing, it depends on the way you’re doing. Because that is not how God created you. You wey dey put lashes wey long like this, how about you? All these things, if we talk about it, it’s the same thing. If you think you’re that girl, leave yourself like the way God made you. So why are you trying to touch one or two, piercing seven ears, nose, mouth, it’s the same thing for me. So if you can do that, I can actually alter my body too. It’s my body and it’s your nose. I’m being honest. Imagine you dey wey you dey talk about girls come die. Come still go hellfire. Na you lose. Person dey here dey enjoy dey go. Yes, because if you’re judging someone and then boom (you die), thou shalt not judge, it’s a sin. You no touch your body, you no enjoy, you dey go (hellfire)! We wey come touch our body go come make am to heaven because we no dey judge and we no even do bad thing like that.

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