Rapper Yung6ix Asks Fans On How To Help A ‘Troubled Friend’

Rapper Yung6ix Asks Fans On How To Help A ‘Troubled Friend’

Rapper Yung6ix has taken to his Twitter handle to ask his followers a crucial question. He asked them to educate him on how to help a suicidal friend who is far away.

In his tweet, the rapper mentioned that his friend is suicidal and he doesn’t know what to do. Yung6ix tweeted:

“My friend is suicidal I don’t know what to do or how to help him, please I need help from my JD’s, how do you help someone who’s suicidal when you are not in the same city as them ?”

In a piece of similar news, actress Monalisa Stephen has opened up on being suicidal. She confirmed that she was having suicidal thoughts weeks after sharing a disturbing message on Instagram.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday, June 10 to state that she is still healing and would share her story when she is ready.

Speaking further Monalisa said that suicide and suicidal thoughts are not a joke and many have not been lucky to survive it. She added that she was getting all the help she deserves and is working on rebranding herself.

Monalisa got her fans worried on June 5 after her message on Instagram.

The message raised concerns among Instagram users who speculated that the actress was about to commit suicide, others called for help and asked her family and friends to reach out to Monalisa.

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