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She Left Me After Paying Her Rent. Now I’m Chasing Her For a Refund

When we met at first, we could talk all night without knowing when to stop. She wanted to know everything that went on in my life so she would ask questions and I will answer. No question was out of bounds. Every question counted and every question got answered. She asked about my family and I told her how many we were and even went ahead to tell her what every one of us was doing.

A month later, after going out on a date on several occasions, I proposed and she said yes. She said she had no reason to say no when she had loved me since the day we started talking.

Two weeks later, she called telling me that she was sending her phone for repairs. She said, “If you call and you don’t reach me, then it means my phone is still at the repairs.” I called her in the evening, her phone was off. I called the next day and the phone was still off. Three days later she called me with another line. She said, “You’ve been calling me right? Sorry about that but my phone is still with the repairer.”

I met her after work so I could take her to the repairer for the phone. When we went there, the guy said, “It’s from the board. You know iPhones. We can’t repair that unless you get yourself a new phone.” The next day, I got her a new iPhone. Not being able to talk to her made me unhappy and the look on her face when the repairer said her phone couldn’t be repaired made me sad.

We continued chatting and talking for hours on end.  Our relationship was barely two months old when she asked me to come over to her place one weekend. I went there in the morning. She cooked and we ate. We watched movies and talked about anything that crossed our minds. Getting to the evening, we heard a knock on her door. She went out to receive the person. I heard them talking out there. The other person’s voice was louder. She was trying to calm the other person down.

I stood up and looked through the window. It was an elderly man she was talking to. He kept saying; “If you can’t afford to live here, it’s not by force. I can give you somedays to prepare yourself and leave.” When she came back, I asked her, “What is the problem?” She said, “Nothing. Just don’t worry.” I said, “You can’t tell me it’s nothing. You were talking to a man who was louder and almost angry. There should be a problem.”

She breathed out heavily. She said, “That was my landlord but don’t mind him.” I asked, “What does he want?” She said, “Don’t worry, I will handle him.” I said, “We are together. It’s easier when the two of us come together to solve whatever the issue is.” She said, “It’s about rent. Last year I paid GHC250 a month. Just a year after, he had increased the rent, asking for GHC320 a month. As if that is not enough, he’s no longer collecting a year’s advance. He’s asking for two years advance. Where do I get that money from? Does he think I work in a refinery?”

I asked, “So what are your options? Would you look for another place?” She said, “Looking for another place within this short period of time is going to be very hard for me. Plus, this place is the closest I can get to work.” I asked, “then talk to him to give you some time. We’ll raise the money and pay him. He shouldn’t terrorize you like that. You haven’t stolen from him.”

I went with her to see the landlord. He gave us only one month to settle or else he would be forced to issue an ejection notice. I asked her, “How much have you raised so far? She said, “I can pay for a year. Even that one, I have to go through a lot of discomforts to be able to pay.” I told her, “No problem. I will send you the rest at the end of the month. We’ll pay so he leaves you in peace.”

Immediately I received my salary at the end of the month, I sent it to her to pay her rent. She did pay. Peace was finally restored. When you live with a happy woman, that same happiness robs on you and you automatically become happy.

But our kind of happiness didn’t last as long as I wanted it to last. Just one week after helping her to pay the rent, she started behaving coldly towards me. She won’t call me and when I call her, it would take a very long time before she picks. When she picks the phone, she won’t say hello. I have to say hello three times before she responds. I asked, “Is anything the matter?” She said, “Nothing is the matter. I’m just not myself. Just give me some time, I will be ok.” She didn’t say how long so I kept calling her. One day she shouted at me on the phone, “What part of ‘give me some time’ don’t you understand?” I need some space. Just leave me alone.”

She cut the line and didn’t pick my subsequent calls. We all have bad days. I took it as she was having a bad day. Three days later, I called. She didn’t pick. She sent a message, “I’m busy right now. I will call you later.” That call never came. She will be online but wouldn’t respond to my messages. I will call her line and she won’t pick. “Ahhh, what’s going on? What’s happening to this girl?”

Two weeks ago, I saw her online on WhatsApp. I sent her a text and she left me on blue tick. I called her on video and she didn’t pick. I continued calling her until she picked. I asked her, “What have I done to you that you’re treating me this way?” She said, “Nothing. But I told you to give me some space?” I asked, “until when?” Before she could answer, I saw a guy walked past behind her to where the fridge was. I asked her, “Who’s that?” She looked back and said, “That’s my boyfriend.”

“What do you mean he’s your boyfriend? Since when? What then becomes of me? What am I to you?” She said, “I thought it will work out between us but it looks like we are not meant to be together.” I hang up the phone and rushed to her place. I knocked and knocked and knocked but no one answered. Someone told me, “She stepped out not too long ago.”

I sat in front of her door all night but she didn’t come. The landlord saw me sitting at the door and asked, “You’re looking for your sister? I think her boyfriend came around so they left.” Eish, so it’s true?” I sent her a text, “I’m in front of your house. I understand we can’t continue, that’s fine but I’m coming for my rent and the phone I bought for you. You can leave it with the landlord, I will come for it tomorrow.” She responded, “What phone and what rent? How about the sex, would you pay for it?”

I was so infuriated I didn’t know what to kick and kill. Three consecutive evenings I was at her door. I didn’t see her. One night I went there and she was there watching TV. I told her, “I want my money and the phone back. She tried to resist but, in the end, I got the phone back. I told her, “Until you pay everything you owe me, I will never allow you to rest.

We lasted for only four months. I won’t allow her to make me her ‘mugu’. I’ll collect every dime and if she doesn’t take care, I’ll stalk her until I see her boyfriend and destroy that relationship too. I hate nonsense.

Am I being unreasonable? She did me bad and I don’t think it’s wrong for me to pay her back the same way or?

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