Shugatiti is a very respectful girl, she is not like other slay queens”- Kwaku Manu

Kwaku Manu, a Ghanaian actor and maker of comedy skits, recently posted many videos to his YouTube page, one of which features the nud*st Shugatiti.

Many people have praised Shugatiti and Kwaku Manu’s efforts in the skits, which have received mostly positive feedback so far.

After receiving a large number of comments, Kwaku Manu has explained why he chose to highlight her in his videos.

Contrary to popular belief, Shugatiti is a respectful and modest young lady, as opposed to the arrogant and contemptuous image many people have of her.

Kwaku Manu went on to say that despite her current fame, she treats the industry’s leaders with the utmost respect and humility.

Watch the video below.



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