6-Years After The Death of Actor Muna Obiekwe, The Truth about how he died is Out (Must Read)

6-Years After The Death of Actor Muna Obiekwe, The Truth about how he died is Out (Must Read)

‘I acted alongside late Muna Obiekwe in the movie Dirty Secrets. I felt sad about it.

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But the young man had been sad for a while because he had been careless about his health. He drank too much alcohol and he didn’t remember that he had a liver.

He was also a chain smoker, but of course, there are also people that do it and live longer.

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I was saddened that we  lost him because he was a great actor,” he said. The talented actor also revealed that he regrets the role he played in same movie, which portrayed him as a sex maniac. “I hate to advertise for any movie and I believe every movie I have been a part of has been challenging in several ways.

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However, the movie that I had to put extra effort is also the movie I hate the most, ‘Dirty Secrets.’ I played a role that is totally different from who I am in reality. I hate the character I played and for me to do it well, I had to become the character.

I had to hate myself while doing so. It was bad. After the movie, I had to keep telling myself that the character I portrayed was not who I am. I haven’t watched the movie.

I don’t want to see it. I have been asked if I could play such a role again and I told them ‘yes’ but only if I have access to the post-production stage. There are some things that should have been edited in the movie that were not removed.

There are some things an actor would do to make his acting real that should be edited but they released the movie like that. It was so raw and it was terrible for them to put everything out there.”

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