Beautiful Lady With No Hands Show Her Driving Skils With Her Feet (Video)

Despite her physical disability, a beautiful lady with no hands has inspired social media users with her positive outlook on life.

The lovely lady posted a video on the internet in which she drove a car on a busy road using only her feet. To the delight of netizens, she applied the brake with her right leg and controlled the steering wheel with her left.

Instead of worrying about what she can’t do because she doesn’t have hands, a physically challenged woman has impressed people with the things she can do with her legs.

The lady without hands has a sizable fan base on TikTok, where she posts videos of her activities and the things she does with her feet.

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While a lady was filming her, she got into her car without assistance and then sat in readiness to move the car. She applied the brake with her right leg and ignited the whip with her left.

Watch the video below:

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