Father Emotionally Cries as His Kids Give Him Sweet Fathers’ Day Card (Video)

A video shows the moment some thoughtful children send their father crying after thanking him for all of his sacrifices.

The man was overcome with emotion as he shed tears after feeling appreciated by the children.

Yet, on the back of the card, the kids wonder why their father leaves early in the morning only to return late at night, day after day, week after week.

They wrote:

“Dad, you go off to work in the morning and you come home in the evening day after day, week after week. Dad why?”

Watch the video.

Instagram users react

@rufus_davis_castro_cma commented:

“The reason why he is so emotional is the fact that we go unrecognized all the time we never get no credit on no days.”

@22onyx said:

“All we need is a card … mother’s want breakfast lunch and dinner plus gifts on Mother’s Day.”

@sportmike66 reacted:

“I know that feeling it’s something that lets a man know that all the sacrifices he’s making for his family does not go unnoticed.”

@jane_trinity_jane_trinty said:

“It takes a real man to be a great father. You are a great father. Blessings and respect to you and all great fathers out there who work hard to take care of their family.”

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