“They Look Like Sisters”: Massive Reactions As Lady Flaunts Her Grown Daughter She Had at a Young Age (Video)

A video of a young lady dancing with her grown daughter has elicited mixed reactions.

The mother captioned the TikTok video clip, “My daughter brings out the best in me.”

The clip’s text revealed that the woman gave birth to the girl at an unspecified young age.

The young mother also expressed her pride in her grown daughter.

Both mother and daughter performed with matching dance steps in the now-viral video. Netizens had difficulty determining who the mother of the two is.

In a previous video, the lady revealed that her child is 14 years old, but she did not reveal which of the ladies in the video is the daughter.

Watch the video.

Social media reactions

“Which is the mum” they’re not going to answer bc the comments get them views.”

“The daughter is the one on braids na, can’t y’all see that she looks way younger.”

“The short one is the daughter she goes to my college her just have baby face tho.”

“Daughter seems like she’s the mom, because the moms hairstyle makes her look young.”

“Atp I don’t even think y’all mother and daughter bc I frl do not kn who is who.”

favour said:

“Please were is the mother because am only seeing twins sister or my eye dey pain me and I don’t like confusion.”

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