Watch Video Of How A Man Helped His Side Chick To Escape From His Wife

A young man helped his side chick escape his wife’s wrath, and many social media users couldn’t stop talking about it after seeing the video.

If you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that the house this man and his wife are staying in has two doors: the main door and a back door.

Someone appears to have informed the wife that her husband is cheating on her with another woman inside their bedroom.

The wife was observed attempting to open the main door, which was locked. She knocked several times, but the door remained closed.

Her husband finally opened the door and informed her that no woman was present. Meanwhile, a lady was recorded on camera standing at the back door with only a towel covering her private parts.

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When the wife entered the room, she saw no woman, so she checked the back door to see if the side chick is hiding there.

When the wife went to the back door to see if anyone was hiding there, the side chick came to the main door. This goes on for a while, but the man is seen preventing the wife from entering their room after she has checked the main and back doors several times.

The side chick quickly entered the room, changed her clothes, and left. The wife and her husband were still arguing.

Watch the video.


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