“I don’t know how to prepare any other food aside from frying plantain” – Fantana reveals

“I don’t know how to prepare any other food aside from frying plantain” – Fantana reveals

Ghanaian singer and entrepreneur, Fantana, has shocked her fans and the majority of Ghanaians after revealing that she doesn’t know how to cook.

Speaking in an interview with celebrity Youtuber and blogger Zionfelix, Fantana confessed that she can’t cook aside from frying plantain.



According to Fantana, she’s a poor cook hence she eats every food she prepares alone because they don’t taste well and might give her guests stomach problems.

Fantana made these revelations at the unveiling of her newly opened restaurant in Accra East-Legon.

In her own words;


“If you wager $5000 on red plantain, I will be able to make it for you.” I can either boil it, fry it, or prepare it in another manner. I believe I am capable of frying any meal that you provide. “I am capable of preparing stews for myself,”

“I am able to create a beef stew using corner cuts for myself. You folks can eat some but I don’t compel others to consume my stuff. You are able to place orders, but everything that is prepared here is done so by a trained chef,” 

Below are some of the hilarious comments gathered under the video;



Michael Kwarteng – That’s not a problem, your wife’s inability to cook good food shouldn’t be a problem when there’s money to hire someone to do that. The problem is when she cooks bad and yet believes she’s the best chef and therefore won’t learn or allow you to hire someone to do it….

Kwamenasauce Dadzie – There is nothing like i dont knw how to cook ,if u really want to cook , u can use youtube tuts to cook .

Yussif Bakari – Is not a big deal, just get a cook. Even if i marry and get money i will not let my wife prepare food again i will hire a cook. Some ladies know how to cook but very toxic in marriage.


Abesty Nana Kwasi – Just beware of those kind of girls with body transformations.All their senses are in their thighs and buttocks and not in their heads.I tell you

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