Mzvee reveals the type of man she wants to marry

Mzvee reveals the type of man she wants to marry

Award-winning Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Mzvee, has opened up about the type of man she wants to marry in the future.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sammy Kay, the ‘Natural Girl’ hitmaker disclosed that men who are short in height are out of the equation as far as she’s concerned in terms of specs.

According to Mzvee, she wants to marry a tall, masculine and hardworking guy because such guys turn her on.


Mzvee also talked about her past and present relationship status and according to her, although she’s single at the moment but she has dated in the past and unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

In her own words;

 “I love men who are hardworking, Christian, handsome, not too rich but financially stable, and above all simple man. I don’t want any man who is short in height or dresses like a gangster.



MzVee also expressed her worry over the never-ending questions from her family and loved ones as to when she will get married and have kids because she’s now 30 years of age.

Meanwhile, counting only fully grown adult men, around 10% of men are taller than 6 feet hence it’s very difficult for most women to steel down with the type of men they want.

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