TikToker Jackline Mensah Almost Lost Her Life In A Fire Outbreak This Morning (VIDEO)

Ghanaian popular TikTok star Jackline Mensah almost lost her life this morning in a fire outbreak in her house as she takes to social media to share.

Detailing that the unfortunate incident happened in her house, Jackline noted that she was in the bathroom when her studio room caught fire.

She noted while sharing a video of herself:

“I nearly lost my life last night. I was taking my shower when my house caught fire suddenly, starting from my studio. Really can’t explain how I feel now. And He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. I am alive 🙏🙏”

She further shared more details asserting that she lost a few stuff mostly in her studio room.

She also noted that she is doing fine after the fire was extinguished by the help of people around her.

“A few stuff got burnt but thank God I wasn’t sleeping or even stepped out of the house. I’d have turned to ashes. I’m still shocked”

Check out the video below

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