Excl: Video of real mermaid captured on camera goes viral

Excl: Video of real mermaid captured on camera goes viral

A video has gone viral which captures a real mermaid secretly having a personal time out at the beach.

The video was secretly filmed and shared on social media by an unknown person who took cover after seeing the fictional entity.


In the video, the mermaid is seen sitting on some of the rocks at the shore as she hopped from one location to the other.

She could be heard making some audible sounds as she twisted her body and danked herself to and fro.

Many who have come into contact with the video are shocked to the marrow as they could not believe a mermaid or maame water could be seen out there with the eyes.

It quickly disappeared after noticing it was been filmed in its raw state.

Check out the video below:

Many have been reacting to the viral video. Some believe the mermaid could be real, others also intimate that it could be an image generated electronically by whomever to deceive the unsuspecting internet user.

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