Netizens roast fan for tattooing Kuami Eugene’s name on his hand

Netizens roast fan for tattooing Kuami Eugene’s name on his hand

A die-hard Kuami Eugene fan has been subjected to public ridicule after sharing a picture of himself getting the singer’s name tattooed on his hands.

This isn’t the first time a fan has taken his/her fanaticism to such an extreme level because a lot of the people music lovers have the names of their superstars written on their bodies.


As we all know, Kuami Eugene is not liked by many critics hence the main reason behind the needless and pointless uproar.

This young man has been tagged as the dumbest man alive for tattooing Kuami Eugene’s name on his hands.

According to these attackers, although Kuami Eugene regards himself as a super star but he isn’t even amongst the top three musicians in Ghana hence the guy’s move is very senseless.

Others also rained several insults on the guy for disappointing his parents and the people around him because the LYNX Entertainment signee doesn’t merit such love/appreciation.

Check out some of the popular comments gathered under the fast trending picture in which a lot of the commentators are slandering the guy.

son_of_aaron – Na I figa ebe Kuami Eugene him self o he post am for Snapchat wey he add some sound bi

oboy_desrolex – Ah Kuame Eugene ho tattoo eeeiii

blaka_09 – Money saf kwame Eugene never go give you???he just go see this post and say “thank you thank you love you thanks for support” Asaaa

mcc_kennedy – This boy w3 gyimie ana

whois_kp – Dats probably da dumbest tattoo I see someone get


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