“People who use android phones do not deserve s$x” – Lady declares

“People who use android phones do not deserve s$x” – Lady declares

A lady has come under severe fire following a statement she made about Andriod phone users in relation to sex.

According to her, she discourages people from having s$x with android users.


According to her viral post, if an individual does not use an iPhone or an iOS device, he or she has not qualified for s$x.

She intimated that only non-android phone users deserve s$x, as those who use android phones or devices are not fit for sexual activity.

Her viral post has generated a bit of angst on social media as Android and iOS users outdo one another on who should qualify for s$x or not.

Her harmles or casual statement has rubbed many wrongly who have replied to her personally.

@IremRosemary wrote: iPhone no be achievement mumu,your toto go don turn express highway,olosho 2500 come chop fried rice and chicken.

@layconorphf wrote:  If funny how y’all compare Android users to iPhone users. There are Android phones far more expensive, far more sophisticated, with far more features than your highest Apple iPhone. Moreover, people buy phones based on what they wanna use it for.

@AbdulDTerrible wrote: You are Sen!eless, and I no blame you. Nah the werey guy wey carry iPhone give you I blame. I hope this iPhone mentality shii stop anytime soon in Nigeria.

@inspectorhaywhy wrote: We all know what you went through all in the name of I want to use Iphone, but you will still be begging for data from Android phone users! So for your villa, iphone na achievement?

The debate about Android and iOs devices has not ceased since the advent of smartphones. Users on each side of the divide have raised arguments and counterarguments to support why they feel and believe their respective operating systems are superior.

Tech and mobile phone reviews have also added much to the debate when it comes to quality and durability as far as Android and iOS devices are concerned.

Would you choose an Android phone over an iPhone? Tell us your reasons.

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