‘Playboy’ Album Is About Me Embracing The Superstar That I Am —Fireboy DML

‘Playboy’ Album Is About Me Embracing The Superstar That I Am —Fireboy DML

Nigerian superb Afrobeats musician, Fireboy DML, says his coming studio album titled ‘Playboy’ is all about him embracing his superstar status.

The musician noted that the ‘Playboy’ album depicts him as a mature artiste who has moved from being a naïve lover boy to being a playboy who is no more new to women, fame, money, and success.

Fireboy, signed to Nigeria’s YBNL Nation and America’s Empire, disclosed that the album is him stepping out of his shell and mindset to accept who he is finally is — a superstar.

Fireboy said growth is the right word for ‘Playboy’ in a chat with NME. He added that “I’ve moved from being this young, native lover boy to this [playboy].”

He continued, “in 2019, when I was that lover boy, I was new to my life experiences, experiences with women, and new to fame, money, success – and this all showed in the music, naturally. There was this kind of vulnerability in the music that people loved. Then 2020 came and I had grown into being a superstar, into being a big guy, but I was still reclusive.”

The 26-year-old artiste said making ‘Peru,’ his global hit song that was remixed with British revered singer Ed Sheeran repositioned his mind about the ‘Playboy’ album.

“Making ‘Peru’ changed my mindset completely for this album and I was like to myself, ‘Yo! You need to step outside your shell and your mindset. You need to accept yourself, and come out and play’. That’s where ‘Playboy’ comes from. It’s just me in my superstar element. I’m finally embracing who I am: my life has changed, embrace it. There’s still one constant: love songs. I feel like there’s no Afrobeats without love songs, but on this album these love songs aren’t mushy, lovey-dovey love songs. They’re written in a matter-of-fact way. It’s a different spice, and it’s a straight-to-the-point album. Very Afrocentric, cohesive, but very light-hearted. I can’t wait to get it out,” he revealed.

Fireboy will release the ‘Playboy’ album on August 5, 2022.

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