“I Need a Husband”-Beautiful Lady Cries on Twitter For Being Single

After sharing a beautiful photo of herself and admitting that she needs a husband, a lovely lady took to Twitter to reach out to a potential husband.

Yasirah (@Yaseereh) of Twitter shared a lovely photo of herself wearing a bonnet and resting her hand on her cheek.

She wore a ring on one of her fingers and smiled, but she stated that while she looks lovely and acts as if everything is fine, she really needs a husband.

Yasirah posted a beautiful photo of herself on Twitter with the caption:

“I look like I’m alright but wallahy I need a husband”

“I Need a Husband”-Beautiful Lady Cries on Twitter For Being Single

The pretty lady’s tweet sparked a flood of comments on the social media platform, as most tweeps couldn’t believe such a lovely lady could be single.

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Read some of the reactions from tweeps below :

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the guys of nowadays as if they are blind Myself, I’ve been alone since last year, fresh pussy just wasting”

“Nobody should comradify this girl abeg, her face just too fine”

“I hope this is a joke; but if not, I’d advice that you take your time being single, do what makes you happy and be happy with yourself and where you are at the moment. If this is about the quest for happiness, then it behoves me to say that that can only be gotten individually.”

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