Lady spotted heating her ‘Duna’ as she sits on a bucket of hot water after Hard Chop (Video)

In the aftermath of her Valentine’s Day date, a pretty lady has been spotted sitting on a bucket of hot water with vapor emanating from it.

In the Instagram video, the young lady was seen sitting on a black bucket in what appeared to be her living room.

It is believed that the black bucket was filled with hot water that emitted vapor.

As she endured the heat from the bucket, the young lady wrapped a towel around her body.

The lady was seen doing what has become known as “vaporization,” which is the practice of sitting on a bucket of hot water for comfort.

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The lady was seen in the video taking a break from the heat by standing for a while and showing signs of discomfort on her face.

The video that was posted on Instagram was captioned:

“Val’s day is over,” ba was captioned. “yy y3 ho aduro.”

watch the video below;

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