Medikal roasted on social media for begging Will Smith’s son Jaden for a selfie (video)

After being discovered in a brief, 3-second footage with Will Smith’s kid, Jaden, AMG Medikal has come under fire from fans.

Medikal received abuse for pleading with the boy for a video so he could post it online and boast about meeting a Hollywood star.

Fans claimed he had encountered his master.

Recently, a video of Medikal and Jaden Smith appeared on social media to start the teasing.

Medikal may be seen hanging out with Jaden who is 24 years old, in the video.

Jaden motioned to the camera as the camera began to video, and Medikal exuded extreme excitement.

It was quite clear that Medikal had made arrangements with the youngster to interact with him for the camera.

The rapper was ridiculed in Ghana for it and for acting overly thrilled to meet a young person who isn’t even in his field.

Take a look at the video below.

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