My Doctor Said I Could Go Blind Or Suffer Brain Damage – BBN Boma Recounts Ordeal With Infection

My Doctor Said I Could Go Blind Or Suffer Brain Damage – BBN Boma Recounts Ordeal With Infection

Big Brother Naija reality star Boma Akpore has recounted how his doctor said he could go blind or suffer brain damage due to an infection.

The 34-year-old narrated his ordeal in an lengthy post on Instagram on Thursday July, 21.

The actor and model who recently revealed he was attacked spiritually and was crippled for 4 years, recounted how he caught COVID-19 in December, 2020 which caused a sinus infection.

According to Boma Akpore, his doctor said he could suffer from brain damage or lose his sight if a surgical procedure is carried out because the infection had spread to the back of his head. He wrote:

“In 2020 December 2, I caught COVID-19 which led me to having a terrible sinus infection. Prior to then I have never had any sinus issues for more than 3 days. Then I got extremely busy going from One film set to another in the US, then I came home to Nigeria and stayed for another 6 months due to being on big brother naija and other press duties I had to attend.

Afterwards I decided to return home to New York, all these while the sinus hasn’t given me any relieve almost 1 year after.

I decided to see an allergist and between January and March 2021, I have had multiple doctors appointments and test which the scan results came back very unpleasant. Half of my right face/nostril was blocked and I was only breathing from my left nostril.”

“At this stage I wake up with mucus from my right nostril every single day. At this point, my only option was to have a surgery as recommended by my Doctor. Surgery date was set for April 12. Suddenly I booked a movie role in Nigeria and shooting starts. April 8, my team and I decided to postpone the surgery till after the shoot.”

“While I was in Nigeria the reunion date was also set, so I killed both birds with 1 stone. As soon as the last episode was shot I took the flight back to NYC May 7, to prepare for my surgery May 13. Doctor said the infection had already spread to the back of my head and I was told I could get blind or have brain damage as it was a head surgery really close to the brain and I got extremely scared.”

“The surgery started at 6:30am and was due to be done 12pm, but I couldn’t wake up for another 3 1/2 hours, mehnnn, everyone was scared. I just want everyone to thank God for my life.”

Speaking further, Boma who stated that he has resumed his workout, expressed gratitude to God for the success of the surgery. He wrote:

“After 2 months I’m back in the gym, 6th slide was me working out yesterday July 20th 2022 and ready to work again.”

“God is good. I want to urge everyone to always check in with your doctors when having an usual feeling or sickness.

PS : The grey area of the scan photo is the blocked part of my Face/Nostril. Big thanks to my friends and loved ones that took care of me when I was sick. May Almighty God meet you at your point of needs”.


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