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Fella Makafui broken-hearted after a video of Medikal spraying money on the nyἆsh of str!ppers surfaced online.

After being caught in a U.S. str!p club spraying cash on the behinds of exotic dancers, AMG Medikal severely humiliated his wife Fella Makafui.

On his current journey to the United States, Medikal attended a str!p club and made the decision to act like a degenerate rather than a responsible married guy.

Even worse, the artist made the decision to publicly humiliate his wife by posting pictures of his obscene behavior on social media.

The Accra hitmaker is on vacation in the United States and has already garnered attention there after pleading with Will Smith’s son, Jaden, for a brief video.

He was ridiculed by Ghanaians at the time for degrading himself, but after his incident at the str*p club, the focus of the ridicule has shifted to his wife.

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In a club, Medikal shared a video of himself dancing and ch*king in front of an almost-nked female str*pper.

MDK joyfully admired her dance as he showered her with cash.

Even if it’s not always pleasant, what occurs in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas!

The fact that MDK’s dumba** captured everything and uploaded it to his Instagram story shows how little he cares about his wife or her feelings.

The video soon gained popularity as social media users mocked Fella for attempting to save a failing marriage.

Remember that the MDK-Fella marriage has been the subject of numerous rumors that it isn’t exactly working out, but neither is willing to leave because of their fame in the entertainment industry


Before it’s too late, get over to Medikal’s Instagram story if you want to see it.

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