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“I went to pray for a woman at her house and she almost rἆped me”- Kumchacha

Due to a temptation he encountered years ago, the prophet Kumchacha claims he has learnt the hard lesson to never visit the homes of any female church members.

The founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries described how a woman in Tema enticed him into her home and forced him to have sex with her during an interview on Okay FM.

The host stripped naked in front of him shortly after asking him to pray for her, and he claimed it required grace for him to resist that sexual desire.

“This is the reason I don’t accept invitations to people’s homes. A lady who had visited my church just once called me to visit her since I was in the neighbourhood. I attended an event in Tema.

“When I arrived, she had dressed indecently, she only had a piece of cloth wrapped around her. I had decided not to spend long at her end. She requested that I prayed for her and just when I was about to lay my hand on her she fell on the floor and her cloth came off.”

He implied that men of God also have sentiments, which is why they must tread carefully when dealing with women by describing his experience as a “huge temptation.”

“She exposed her hairy private part. She had no panty or bra on, it was a trap. She didn’t fall under the anointing, it was a trap. She spread her legs and at that moment I had to run away…It was a big temptation.

“I wouldt have fallen for that trap if I didn’t have self-control. Pastors also get erections, don’t be deceived,” he said.

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