How my boyfriend dumped me and married my mom, he later asked me to be his 2nd wife- Lady shares sad tale online

A netizen who uses the ID @fancykanu2 on TikTok has revealed how her boyfriend dumped her for her biological mother.

According to her, he went abroad and she waited for him to propose to her for 3 years and when he finally came back she fell in love with her mother.

She wrote:
I waited for my boyfriend for 3 years to come back to Nigeria and propose to me.

He finally came back and took interest in my mum instead.

My mum said yes to him and they got married without my consent 😥

They traveled 8 months after meanwhile she is already 3 months pregnant😭.

I couldn’t do anything because she was my mum ans I loved her so much 😩

I got the biggest betrayal from my dear mom 😓

2 yrs later he returned back to Nigeria and asked if I could be his 2nd wife.

Well guess who’s now a co-wife to her mother?
It’s me 😫 don’t judge me😭”

See reactions to her sad story;

@jessicanozie:both you , your mum and the guy
una dey ment

@perfectii:do you have a younger sister? she can also join and continue till every woman in your village joins suit.

@beckys_aina2:man don finish for this life abi! or na the abroad de disturb una spirit, aunty truth be told , it’s a shameful thing, but for u and ur mum

@temmy007:if it’s true, Turn to God dere re lot of beta Guys out dere who will Love and take care of u
sharing a man with ur mom Is A curse u need to overcome.



@fancykanu2 Please dont judge me or my mum 😩 it took me a lot to put my story out here. All that matters is that i’m happy and my mum is happy ❤️#massagebyfancy ♬ Mr Man – FAVE

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