‘Because Somebody’s Actions Hurt You Don’t Mean Those Actions Are Bad’ —BBNaija Winner Laycon

‘Because Somebody’s Actions Hurt You Don’t Mean Those Actions Are Bad’ —BBNaija Winner Laycon

Nigerian rapper and ex-Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) winner, Laycon, has responded to people who expect him to live a perfect life with no susceptibility because they find him intelligent.

Laycon, born Olamilekan Agbeleshioba, said because he is naturally brilliant, doesn’t mean he has no attribute of a human being. He stated that he has emotions and can get hurt while chatting with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

In his words, “Something everybody needs to understand, because I am naturally intelligent doesn’t mean I’m not human, doesn’t mean I can’t love, doesn’t mean I can’t show my emotions, doesn’t mean I can’t be hurt.”

“That’s also what I’m trying to let people know, that I am who I am and a part of me is somebody who can get hurt. You may not want to hurt me but I’ll be hurt, that doesn’t make you a bad person if I get hurt by your actions. Your actions are genuinely pure, but if I’m hurt by it it means I have to deal with it.

“That’s also something that you as a human being would also have to figure out, because somebody’s actions hurt you doesn’t mean those actions are bad.”

The talented rapper also disclosed that despite the inevitability of death, losing his mother is his greatest fear. “Losing my mum, that’s it,” he retorted when asked about what he’s most afraid of in life.

“It’s something that I dread because you know it’s going to happen at a point, that’s if I don’t leave before she does. That’s one thing that I dread.”

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