Ghanaian arrested in the US over $5m romance scam

Ghanaian arrested in the US over $5m romance scam

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Kenneth Anim, a Ghanaian, has been detained in the United States for allegedly participating in a $5 million romance scam syndicate.

The Ghanaian faces a potential punishment of $500,000 and a 20-year prison sentence if found guilty.

The US Department of Justice claims that Kenneth and his accomplice formed fictitious companies through which money was laundered.

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He allegedly served as a money mule in the dubious enterprise, according to the FBI’s preliminary investigation.

“They allegedly operated as money mules in relation to various mail and wire fraud schemes, including internet fraud and romance scams,” the press release said.

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According to US Attorney Jennifer Lowery, 38-year-old Kenneth is a citizen of both Ghana and the US.

Infractions were committed between 2014 and 2019.

According to the US DOJ, he essentially transferred illegally acquired money on behalf of, and at the command of, others.

According to US prosecutors, Anim allegedly constructed fictitious online personas to seduce people into romantic relationships and persuade them to donate money to business and bank accounts he opened.

According to reports, FBI agents disclosed that the fraud involved the transfer of more than $5 million and had dozens of victims.

Additionally, it is claimed that Kenneth “created and maintained bank accounts to receive earnings from the schemes and to distribute the money to himself, his co-conspirators, and overseas.”

“His parents and kids live in Houston, but officials claimed he spends months at a time in the West African nation,” the Houston Chronicle stated.

“Bray [U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Bray] claimed that he refused Anim’s pretrial release because to his prior travels to Africa and the fact that the allegations depict him as a guy who was “extremely skilled at fooling people.”

According to Bray, a significant sum of money that was transferred to accounts under his control is missing. In addition to having touch with a foreign country, he is clearly capable of residing there for as long he desires.

According to officials, the plot included at least one additional uncharged co-conspirator.

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