Man falls in a river and almost drown after grinding a woman with big nyἆsh (watch video)

A young lady, probably in her thirties, and a gentleman, possibly also in his thirties, were caught on camera doing something amusing at the beach. Many social media users were unable to remain silent after seeing this video.

When you look at the screenshots from the video in this article, you can see a lady wearing a black romantic pant dancing with her friends.

One young boy came in to play with the lady while she was dancing and twerking her buttocks. But what this boy was doing to this lady was bizarre. The boy was seen touching this lady’s buttocks. It’s impossible to tell if this man is the lady’s boyfriend.

The lady acted as if she didn’t notice the man standing behind her. As she continued to demonstrate her romantic dancing abilities, she pushed him into the water.

Watch the video.



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