(Video) Popular Pastor Allegedly Chops Mᾶd Woman Who Was Brought To His Church For Healing

A popular pastor has allegedly chopped a woman suffering from mental illness multiple times.

The alleged mentally ill woman told Ante Naa, a popular host on Oyerapa FM, that the pastor did it with her without her consent after she was sent to him because of her condition.

She can count the number of times the self-proclaimed man of God has done it with her. The family who brought the woman to the studio confirmed the case by emphatically stating that the pastor is to blame.

According to the report, the pastor was aware that the woman might not be aware of what was going on at the time, most likely due to her condition as he pays for her every time they meet.

When questioned during the interview, the pastor stated that he had no knowledge of the incident and that it was a false accusation leveled against him.

However, after answering numerous questions, the pastor was seen as a victim of the charge, despite the fact that he had not confirmed the allegation to be true.

The man of God is well-known for dealing with people suffering from mental illnesses and has assisted a number of people in recovering from their conditions. But no one knows what happened to him to cause him to commit such an act.

Watch the video below;

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