Writer Solomon Buchi Addresses ‘Hypocrisy’ Allegations As Netizens Dig Up Contradictory 2020 Tweet

Writer Solomon Buchi Addresses ‘Hypocrisy’ Allegations As Netizens Dig Up Contradictory 2020 Tweet

Solomon has reacted to the hypocrisy allegations leveled against him by tweeps, who dug up an old tweet from 2years ago.
Life Coach and writer, Solomon Buchi gave reasons on why he still stands by his writeup in which he said that his fiancée isn’t the most intelligent and beautiful woman he has ever come across as he says that experience makes an individual see gray areas.

Recall Solomon had received a lot of backlash regarding the writeup and a few pats on the back as well.

He has however dismissed his old tweets which contradicted his new write up as he said people evolve with time and that he isn’t ashamed to outgrow an old ideology. The writer who recently engaged his fiancée, Arike tweeted in part:

“2020 tweets, dug up. People evolve; people relearn & while theoretical knowledge is fantastic, Experience can make you see gray areas. You cannot shame me for outgrowing an old ideology.

Nahhh. We all evolve and I’m not ashamed to tweak my stance. It’s not hypocrisy; it’s growth.”

“I saw some respectful dissenting views, and I get it. It’s fine to disagree, but it’s parochial to absolutize. I respect your idea of what constitutes as affirmation in a relationship but mine is different and it’s only balanced to respect mine too.”

“Lastly, you can’t have the world, but have your own person. I can’t even stress this too much. Your own person. And as a Christian, you need someone who is CONVINCED about you, not based on quantitative metrics. Have your own person! Cheers world, and love lives here.”

“Oh, and some of you collected wotowoto trying to defend me on all those news outlets and blogs. Pele, dears. My love for you all. Both lovers, hAters, frenemies and the gist mongers. It’s really all love. I’m at peace and settled.”

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