BIG IVY VS MUMMY DOLARZ: A New Ghana-Naija Beef Or The Regular Internet Cruise? (Watch)

BIG IVY VS MUMMY DOLARZ: A New Ghana-Naija Beef Or The Regular Internet Cruise? (Watch)

If Ghanaians and Nigerians are not fighting over Jollof rice, they are quarrelling over who has the best music or throwing shades at each other’s governments and economic prosperities to catch cruise on social media.

The beef, which started before the birth of the Gen Z kids, who now use the internet the most, has taken a new turn with two mothers, one from Nigeria and the other from Ghana, attempting to settle scores with a rap battle, thanks to their internet sensation kids.

Ghanaian rapper CJ Biggerman celebrated his mother, Big Ivy, with a Mother’s Day song he featured her on. In the song, Big Ivy spitted some controversial bars that got social media users excited.

This track turned her into an overnight internet sensation. The video for the song found its way into the Nigerian social media space, which prompted the internet users in the country to call on their mothers to step into the game and rap just as Big Ivy did.

Yielding to the call, Mummy Dolarz, the mother of social media comedian OluwaDolarz, responded with her music video, threw direct shots at Big Ivy, and asked her (Big Ivy) to come to learn from her.

Just as if she was expecting a Nigerian mother to respond to her rap, Big Ivy replied to Mummy Dolarz in yet another debatable song, ‘Mama Naira.’ She went hard, really hard, on the song, and demanded Mummy Dolarz shut her ‘Basket Mouth’ because she (Big Ivy) was expecting a response from Nigerian veteran rappers MI Abaga, Phyno, Vector, or Olamide, not her (Mummy Dolarz).

These two mothers have sent social media into a frenzy and caused heated arguments between Nigerians and Ghanaians online as regard who, between Big Ivy and Mummy Dolarz, released the best rap song.

While we await Mummy Dolarz to respond to ‘Mama Naira,’ we are still wondering if this would grow to become another Ghana-Naija beef or if it will remain a social media cruise (fun).

Watch the ‘genesis’ of the battle below;



Watch Mummy Dolarz’s reply below.



Big Ivy responds to Mummy Dolarz. Watch below.


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