Lagos Gov Sanwo-Olu Speaks Highly Of Headies Awards, Promises Support

Lagos Gov Sanwo-Olu Speaks Highly Of Headies Awards, Promises Support

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos state, has a captivating opinion about the Headies Awards.

The Governor also pledged his support for the 15th edition of the award show while describing the Headies as a credible award show that everyone in the music industry desire to be a winner.

He also expressed his excitement during an interview with HipTV. “Headies has been the rallying point, the crème de la crème. The high point of music awards, not only in Nigeria but I think in Africa,” Sanwo-Olu said of the award.

“It has earned its credibility. Headies is a name that has stayed in the industry, that all industry players always aspire to be a winner.”

“The fact that you were there last year, you’ll also want to try and won it again the other year. And for me being a watcher of all that, it has really grown in depth, size, and acceptability.”

Promising support for the Headies awards, he stipulated, “So indeed, we are very excited. In the entertainment industry, Headies stands out, and that’s why we feel very proud to be working with them.”

“Lagos is the centerpiece for music, not only in Nigeria but in Africa. Now we want to be a global player in the world stage, there’s no better place to go in America than Atlanta where talents are being discovered.”

“As a governor, we are very excited with that initiative and we are buying into it fully. We will be supporting them.”

“We will also be on ground to first sell Nigeria as a country. We’ll sell Lagos as a music capital and entertainment capital of our country. And also use that to connect with our huge diaspora audience in America. So, it’ll be a win-win for everyone.”

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