Why You Should Be Anything, But An Ingrate – Yomi Fabiyi Sternly Warns

Why You Should Be Anything, But An Ingrate – Yomi Fabiyi Sternly Warns

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has issued a stern warning to ungrateful people, urging them to be anything but ingrates.

The contentious director posted a little video of himself on his verified Instagram page along with a word of advice for ungrateful people.

Being ungrateful, according to Yomi Fabiyi, is the quickest method to bring about a curse because both God and every society detest ungrateful people. He wrote:

“One of the easiest ways to invite curse, unexplained problems and jeopardy into one’s life now or in future is to encourage, aid and abeit a BLATANT INGRATE online or offline, openly or secretly.

God detest ingrates, every religion preaches against ingrates, every culture dislikes ingrates, and all race warn against it. Humanity punishes ingrates.

No matter the grace you carry, you can be anything NEVER BE AN INGRATE, it is a tickling time bomb.


As previously reported, Yomi Fabiyi slammed his colleague Bimpe Oyebade over their lingering ‘s*x for role’ drama online.

In an open letter to the actress, Yomi showed a screenshot of their first conversation, stating that Bimpe was a fan who he helped into the movie industry without any condition.

Yomi said Bimpe ruined many things since the day he gave her the chance to come into the limelight and was too desperate, instead of being grateful and patient.

He further warned Bimpe to put an end to the social media drama, adding that he never offered her any s*x for a role.

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