I’m Just A Simple Girl Living A Simple Life With No Stress”—Nkechi Blessing Says

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing is surely one of those Nollywood actresses who loves to show off her beauty on social media. She has recently taken her fans by surprise as she shared stunning new photos of herself in a white outfit, which looked good on her. She was seen with a pair of sunglasses and a portable hand bag, which matched her outfit perfectly.


Another interesting thing about the photos was the caption she used to describe them, as she revealed that she was living a simple life without stress because she was a simple girl. In her words, “Just a simple girl living a simple life with no stress.” 

As usual, fans took it upon themselves to compliment Nkechi Blessing on the pictures she uploaded, as they revealed she was looking beautiful as ever, while others gave their thoughts and opinions on what they saw.

Nkechi Blessing currently has over four hundred thousand followers on Instagram, which has been as a result of her continuous presence in different Nigerian movies.

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