‘We want to marry the same man and share the same b3d’ – Twins insists

Owan and Owethu are beautiful identical twins who have once been married to the same man for a long time and still insist on marrying another man after a failed marriage.

They only want to marry one person. What MacG became communicating to them through his digital broadcast, which he was undoubtedly mocking, is without a doubt the method that they accept as true with their lives or ways of living. They are twins who have known each other their entire lives.

Several people who are born as twins usually lead similar lives at a young age, but as they get older, they lead different lives and never wear the same clothes again.

This is the point at which their lives take on a life of their own, and they start dating a variety of people. But not Owam and Owethu; they really only need one friend with whom they can marry.

As a result, they may no longer try to gain notoriety or clout through digital entertainment. In any case, they’re more open about what they want for themselves.

Ideally, they’ll get what they want, but if you don’t get along with one of them, even if it’s something wonderful, they won’t be as happy as their better half.

Because they must share a home, you will no longer be able to live independently of one of Owan or Owethu. Perhaps that’s what happened, and they’ve decided to end their nine-year relationship.

Their 9-year marriage has ended and they are still looking for another man who can marry both of them.

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'We want to get married to same man and share same b3d - Twins

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