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Why I Left My Beautiful Wife To Marry a Disabled Lady – 27-year-old man gives reason (Video)

Why I Left My Beautiful Wife To Marry a Disabled Lady – 27-year-old man gives reason (Video)

A man from the Democratic Republic of Congo identified as Amani has dumped his beautiful wife for a disabled lady called Faraji.

Amani and Faraji were next-door neighbours but that wasn’t why he left his marriage for the disabled 21-year-old.In an interview with Afrimax English, the 27-year-old said his marriage to his first wife was stressful as they always had altercations and quarrels.The continued problems in his marriage made him begin visiting his next-door neighbour where he helped out with manpower chores.

How Amani’s family reacted to his decision

Amani said his family was shocked by his action and thought he was crazy. He said they didn’t only not give their blessings but refused to support the marriage as they did to his first.

He added that his first wife thinks Faraji bewitched him, but it is not true. He said:

“When my family noticed that I have left my first wife for her, they were not at all happy.

“They were shocked and told me that I was crazy to even think of such a thing.

“I told them that though she is disabled, she is the one I love and want to be with.

“I tried to make them understand that she is also human and deserves to be loved. That was when I decided to stick by her side forever.”

Though not properly married, Amani has two kids with Faraji and they live together.

Faraji desires to be helped with a sewing machine as she wants to make ends meet with it and assist her man in catering for the family.

Watch the video below:

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